Your American Tug Service Center

From bow to stern, we know this boat

Whether you're a current or potiential owner, we're here to help


Starting with Hull Number 1, Newport Marine Outfitters & Electronics has been involved with the American Tug brand from the beginning. Our owner and lead technician Michael Pare' has worked with the builders and engineers very closely as the boats have improved and grown. Michael's experience with these trawlers encompasses assemblies, installations, sea-trials, and even deliveries.

New Builds

Our design staff will work with American Tug to plan any custom items you need. From unique mast arrangements to special dashboard configurations we can make your new boat tailored to you. With our intimate knowledge there are no surprises or time-consuming 'pop-up' problems. We can plan and design every inch of your system for a smooth installation and smoother enjoyment.


American Tugs are built to last and shine so if you've got an existing one and would like some servicing or upgrades give us a call. With so much hands-on familiarity there's a very good chance we've seen your boat before.